Short Bursts

Couplet: motivation

Once you get in the swing
Try not to fall off the thing

Quatrain: time to mutilate

A short sudden burst
Extinguishes the flame
In order to deny a thirst
We alter a given name

Abbr(eviated) Haiku: abbr(eviation)

to save time
is abbr

Lune: underdeveloped

single image shot
will belie
no depth beyond shape

Haiku: holiday pics

tacky summer gloss
snaps timeless filtered sunsets
sun ripened visions

Weekly Theme:

In the coming weeks the twisting tail
will reduce postings to three days a week.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

13 thoughts on “Short Bursts

  1. Billy never comes off a swing. Hangs on tight. Others think they’re smart and hang free. End up flat on their faces. Moral – don’t try to show off and hang fee. Billy learnt that wisdom from you. Other kids have nothing up top he says……..

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