The Evil Passion Returned

Hatred the Evil Passion Emotion, requires commitmentDedication, saturates the soulA drain, the constant resentmentAnd force inevitably takes its toll Reciprocate, do onto othersHumanity, will follow the fashionDwelling on thoughts of past loversFuels hatred, the evil passion Hatred is the adulterous child of love and loss Be passionate in all you doLet that hate shine on … Continue reading The Evil Passion Returned

A Seed and an Anthem

Seed The seed must beWatering does notWhat we feed takes rootWhat we neglect will rot Acrostic: Hate Hostility through misunderstandingAccelerates unnecessary conflictThoughtless anger feeds fearEndangering peace Anthem: Fuck the World Don't let it lingerSalute them with the middle fingerLet your flag flyAnd raise that finger to the skyIt's good for your healthTo tell the world … Continue reading A Seed and an Anthem

Tease Enlightenment Through Snow

Senryu: Commercial Success I seek an answerlaughter with enlightenmentI find commercials Couplet: Tantalize TheeasiestwaytotantalizeIstoinfantilize The easiest way to infantilizeIs to tantalize Quatrain: Snow Bunnies Little Playboy bunniesTwitching in the snowWait, it's not winterThat's Colombian blow Weekly Theme:Micropoetry

The Dimness Curse

Haiku: A Dim View lost in the night skythe sun hung over easycasting a dim view Quatrain: Real & Fake Open your eyesCome to realiseReal is rareFake is everywhere Acrostic: Ignorant F ForgetUnderstandingCurseKnowing Weekly Theme:Micropoetry

Cracked, Blind & Stressed

Senryu: Plesantville Blindness hold tight, close your eyesPleasantville's picket fencespainted bright to blind Couplet: Notice on Dorm Room Door Due to stress, I intend to regressWhen I return, is anyone's guess Cracked On my faceIs a crackYou chooseTo see as a smile Weekly Theme:Micropoetry