The Ignorance Brigade

Another missing soldier. The division heads were getting nervous."Where did he go?" asked Major Hoopo."He went in there, sir." Responded Corporal Tylsä, pointing in the direction of a dense mist."Well, why didn't you stop him?""He said he wanted to get his cat back, sir."They both stared into the mist."Well, he's not coming back now. Forget … Continue reading The Ignorance Brigade

Children’s Rhyme: Two Crable Parable

The Fiddler Crabcalled out with prideThis is my castle,my home by the seaThe Hermit Crab,unimpressed, repliedAll I needI can carry with me The Hermit Crabsettled in on the beachAs the tide roseat the end of the dayWaves came,nothing safe from their reachIn a momentthe castle was washed away