Occam’s Dinner

  There exist two explanations for any occurrence. Old man Occam says the one that requires the least speculation is usually better. In other words the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely it is to be correct.   Ok, so two scenarios:   First: Maybe the food is supposed to be burnt…


The innumerable stars, Ever increasing, Stretching across the heavens. They shine through time, Burning beacons, Like the moments of our love. Each star a sweet word, A hug, A kiss. And with each year that passes, more stars burst into existence.


  When I was younger, we lived in a three story farmhouse on a mountain top. The house was big, with plenty of space, but I was suffocating.   We overlooked open grazing land, the view was breathtaking, rolling green hills in all directions, only the odd cow to break the uniformity. Often I would…

Novel Romance Haiku

staged passions ignite burning words coerced in ink bind timeless romance


  A mother is a heart A fountain of endless love That brings life to a family   A mother is a home A safe haven of memories That nurtures life selflessly   Life didn’t exist before you And Life wouldn’t exist without you    


  Vulcan God of fire The hammer Master of the forge They say The only ugly god   Born blood red Crying His mother Disgusted Threw her newborn son From Mount Olympus   He fell for a day And a night He landed in the ocean The fall Disfigured him further   He was claimed…


Featured on thenumber26.net   I think the driver of the 26 is an alien, because it’s definitely not human.   I don’t like riding that bus line but it’s the cheapest way, and also the only way. Plus, this man goes where the coke flows. By which I mean Dave, he lives way out, another…

Woman in the Wind

Featured on¬†lunaiswriting.   I drift about our empty home In the silence absence drew. Nightly room to room I roam Without hope I call to you.   In search of our love time lost I am struck with a forlorn will. It is the beginnings of the winter frost That¬†quell the flame to chill.  …


I’ve never had a desk job, My mind tends to wander. It cannot be confined to four walls. Who thought of that, A cubical, People in boxes, People hate being put in boxes. Boxes are for storage, For gifts, For chocolate. Of course chocolates good in anything, Or on anything. I could go for some…

Breeze Haiku

early morning breeze rouses the world from slumber refreshes my soul