Espinela: Sojourn

Here, this place like any otheran unknown forest, I fear notI take rest, unshoulder my lotand await my future lover My life, to join with anotherto communicate beyond soundbeyond the thorned brambles agroundand hidden from sight of reproachNow, I see my beauty approachthis place becomes our sacred ground The Espinela is a Spanish poetic form … Continue reading Espinela: Sojourn

Boxes & Bones

Couplet: life story We compose as the melody rocksEach life reciting a ballad to the box Abbreviated Haiku: sleep box ringing earskiss of the red glovesleep the sleep Hay(na)ku: UFCourage wegot gameand death wishes Naani: checked & boned I banged my hubrisAgainst my humerusNow I can't stop laughingAbout my ambitions Quatrain: hard times fall on … Continue reading Boxes & Bones

Revenge & Defeat

Naani: last place I look All I have ever knownFits inside my headSo that thing I'm looking formust be in here somewhere Lune: perspective loss loss is depressingbut defeatcan begin new life Fib: sow the seeds HandsDownDefeatFingers soilplanting seeds deeplyWere we harvest fresh grown revenge Hay(na)ku: bridges on fire bridgedaffluent streamsNow scorched earth Abbreviated Haiku: … Continue reading Revenge & Defeat

Short Bursts

Couplet: motivation Once you get in the swingTry not to fall off the thing Quatrain: time to mutilate A short sudden burstExtinguishes the flameIn order to deny a thirstWe alter a given name Abbr(eviated) Haiku: abbr(eviation) to save timeabbr(eviation)is abbr Lune: underdeveloped single image shotwill belieno depth beyond shape Haiku: holiday pics tacky summer glosssnaps … Continue reading Short Bursts