Kyrielle: The Weed

Carve a place where there is a needThe welcome earth will sow the seedIf life's wonder is how we growWhy do we ostracise the weed? Flowers and weeds blooming in timeEach blossom of beauty sublimeThat is not entirely soWhy do we ostracise the weed? Naturally evolved to thriveI would honestly like to knowWhy do we … Continue reading Kyrielle: The Weed

Dizain: Underlying Fear

The limited experience of youthFocused as only blood-shot eyes can seeWho live lives breeding pure anger as proofWith the surge the urge wakes purpose to beIlluminate a life led aimlesslyThe belligerent voices of clenched fistsCast echoes where sense no longer existsThe louder one yells the less one can hearThere's no escaping what your soul insistsGreet … Continue reading Dizain: Underlying Fear

Sedōka: Why Does The Grass Grow?

why does the grass grow?to be trampled under footreturned to the soil below Why does the grass grow?for the love of life and growthto reach in search of heaven sedōka (旋頭歌, "memorized poem" or "head repeated poem") consists of two tercets of five, seven, and seven syllables each. The head repeating. An uncommon form, it … Continue reading Sedōka: Why Does The Grass Grow?