Riddle: I Am Potential

I am born of fleshI die and I'm reborn fresh I clean, I conveyI decorate, I display I have the potentialTo do it all I can inspire when filledDepending on what you build I taunt when emptyWords between you and me I'm fragile but be careful what you doBecause I'm prepared to cut through you … Continue reading Riddle: I Am Potential

Children’s Rhyme : The Magical Land of Sod

The Magical Land of SodHidden deep in forgotten spaceIs accessed with a lightning rodAligned in just the right place The Magical Land of SodShrouded in a cloudYou greet others with a nodBecause no handshakes are allowed The Magical Land of SodIs full of mythical creaturesTo you they might look oddBut they just us with more … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme : The Magical Land of Sod


To walk can be an achievementYet, we expect more to our detrimentWings are granted by our actionsJudgement by our peers reactions Take care and choose wiselyPitfalls surround gifts given blindlyFor when demons learn to flyAngels will fall from the sky


WorshipWhat you willButBare in mindWhat you instillAs abstinenceis absenceOne can be nothing withoutOne withinAs noneAre born without sinWe are fullBut not completeGuiltyIf even at his feetIn lifeBe the foolKnowingEnds will never meet