Born A Ghost

A shadow of a memory of a manThe concept of releaseJust out of hand We clutch as a newbornWithout skillWhen all is beyond We fall in stepFalter on a beaten pathWe are the dirt under foot With a breath of rarified air I breatheKnowing the gift is not a gift, but a loanHaunted, by my … Continue reading Born A Ghost

A Busy Week

"Ready? This is the next few days. So, there's food and drugs, and bullies two ways." "Okay." "YWCA wants a week without violence, don't we all. There's forest products, give smokey a call. Dyslexia reading, that makes sense.Infection prevention, sounds intense. Freedom of speech, an obvious one. Business women, that sounds fun. There's safety for … Continue reading A Busy Week


Weakness splayed across the desert skinWhere cracks widen with devilish grinsThe porous drought stricken plain crumbles Braced against the ever present rumble There the earth swallows the unworthyUnwanted, malnourished, slaves of adversity Gone. Born solely to suffer a foreign sinA cavernous tremor ripples from within'I a mn e a rd e a t hI c … Continue reading Cracks