Social Convenience

Tripadi: disappoint in the state of social affairs

I am eager for the watchword
One which will rouse the docile herd
Once again it is ‘social media’

Epitaph:conform or death

Here lies a man who had a clue
shot in the back
Cos that’s what you’re supposed to do

6 words

Pave the path without a legend

Hay(na)ku: public imagery

Social entrapment
Ride the undercurrent

Zappai: da dum da dum drink

Try to remain calm
There’s something in the water
It’s called hydration

Weekly Theme:

In the coming weeks the twisting tail
will reduce postings to three days a week.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

14 thoughts on “Social Convenience

  1. Love the public imagery section Mouse! 👍😁 Would you be able to follow me over on my new blog? As I’ll be deleting this one on Sunday. I value your input and feedback and would like to continue that.

    Liked by 1 person

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