Black & White Abandon

Reading haiku is like viewing a photograph or a painting. A haiku is a moment of time, isolated, and held up for viewing.Harley King silhouettes of herdeep, bold pools of inky blackfeatureless, I drown ebony branchesstalled in heavenly ascentdusted by still snow A haiku has a special season word (the kigo) to represent the season … Continue reading Black & White Abandon

Fall in Transition

the love of nature is religion, and that religion is poetry; these three things are one thing. this is the unspoken creed of haiku poets. r.h. blyth bombard streaking kiteprey erupts in russet leavesblink from tail to talon the water babblesseasons impasse gravels tonescold winter silence haiku was given its current name by the japanese … Continue reading Fall in Transition

Revenge & Defeat

Naani: last place I look All I have ever knownFits inside my headSo that thing I'm looking formust be in here somewhere Lune: perspective loss loss is depressingbut defeatcan begin new life Fib: sow the seeds HandsDownDefeatFingers soilplanting seeds deeplyWere we harvest fresh grown revenge Hay(na)ku: bridges on fire bridgedaffluent streamsNow scorched earth Abbreviated Haiku: … Continue reading Revenge & Defeat

Short Bursts

Couplet: motivation Once you get in the swingTry not to fall off the thing Quatrain: time to mutilate A short sudden burstExtinguishes the flameIn order to deny a thirstWe alter a given name Abbr(eviated) Haiku: abbr(eviation) to save timeabbr(eviation)is abbr Lune: underdeveloped single image shotwill belieno depth beyond shape Haiku: holiday pics tacky summer glosssnaps … Continue reading Short Bursts