A Busy Week

"Ready? This is the next few days. So, there's food and drugs, and bullies two ways." "Okay." "YWCA wants a week without violence, don't we all. There's forest products, give smokey a call. Dyslexia reading, that makes sense.Infection prevention, sounds intense. Freedom of speech, an obvious one. Business women, that sounds fun. There's safety for … Continue reading A Busy Week

A Page Missing from the History Books

[ Conversation between Christopher Colombus and his conscience before leaving for India ] "Maps?""No thank you.""Compass?""Nope, don't need it.""Stars and mathematics?""No, no. Old fashioned tenacity and a whole lot of balls.""Seriously? Don't you think that's dangerous? You could die, and take a hundred good men with you.""I have no fear. I know I am right. … Continue reading A Page Missing from the History Books

The Frictional Force of Stupidity

"You said the test would be easy!" Shouted a disgruntled boy in the front row. His thick rimmed glasses were steaming and his smart attire was visibly ruffled."Well, that's the difference between theory and experiment." Responded the nonchalant physics professor as he entered the class."I have no idea what that means."The professor sighed. "Okay, consider … Continue reading The Frictional Force of Stupidity