Short Bursts

Couplet: motivation Once you get in the swingTry not to fall off the thing Quatrain: time to mutilate A short sudden burstExtinguishes the flameIn order to deny a thirstWe alter a given name Abbr(eviated) Haiku: abbr(eviation) to save timeabbr(eviation)is abbr Lune: underdeveloped single image shotwill belieno depth beyond shape Haiku: holiday pics tacky summer glosssnaps … Continue reading Short Bursts

Dear Abby

Sin Reclaims Recreation is the demonProductivity blamesA slovenly conSin reclaims Dear AbbyMy Serious Condition People think they've got it badI was born with a horrible conditionSo serious and debilitatingI'm afraid to leave the houseThere's no signs of a cure eitherIt's called, WPA, or more commonly known as White Person Ass. How do your pants stay … Continue reading Dear Abby

The Evil Passion Returned

Hatred the Evil Passion Emotion, requires commitmentDedication, saturates the soulA drain, the constant resentmentAnd force inevitably takes its toll Reciprocate, do onto othersHumanity, will follow the fashionDwelling on thoughts of past loversFuels hatred, the evil passion Hatred is the adulterous child of love and loss Be passionate in all you doLet that hate shine on … Continue reading The Evil Passion Returned

Tease Enlightenment Through Snow

Senryu: Commercial Success I seek an answerlaughter with enlightenmentI find commercials Couplet: Tantalize TheeasiestwaytotantalizeIstoinfantilize The easiest way to infantilizeIs to tantalize Quatrain: Snow Bunnies Little Playboy bunniesTwitching in the snowWait, it's not winterThat's Colombian blow Weekly Theme:Micropoetry