My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

My Rare Disease I say bless you and thank youAnd I ask how do you doI offer my seat on busy trainsAnd my umbrella when it rainsI always hold the elevator doorAnd I'd help if you fell to the floorMy rare disease is not contagiousWould you like to take a guessYou might have even heard … Continue reading My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

God’s Name & Recipes with Bacon

Once upon a time there was a PistachioLiving in Porto-VecchioAfter witnessing a hit on Don PestoHe was incommunicadoHiding from mob boss Avocado News Anchor: We warn anyone with a weak stomach or small children to leave the room before this next story.A Personal Chef has made headlines worldwide today. Inspired by Stand up to Bullying … Continue reading God’s Name & Recipes with Bacon

Girls & Engineering Diets

What did you discover? A girl. Don't get out much, do you? Senryu: The Other AI Digital learningArtificial idiotFails all his classes Girl: What's that?Boy: Simple engineering.Girl: What?Boy: You know, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, buildings. Pretty much all manner of structures and machines, among other things.Girl: Oh, I've never heard of any of those things. … Continue reading Girls & Engineering Diets

Treats For All

I've developed a taste for them. It's a dog biscuit So? So, how does one develop a taste for dog biscuits? Well, it all started last dog biscuit appreciation day... Why can't you be like your Brother, Cake The bastard love childNo longer a fruit,And never to be a cakeRaises expectationsWith a deceptive scentThe result … Continue reading Treats For All