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The Twisting Tail began in March, 2019, with the premise of covering fiction and poetry in as many forms as possible. There is no specific genre, simply a mixed bag of twisted tales. 

The Twisting Tail 2019

Any feedback—good or bad—you might have regarding posts, site, etc, please feel free to send a message or leave a comment.

The Twisting Tail 2020

Also, any options to collaborate or any suggestions/ideas for content are most welcome.

The Twisting Tail 2021

40 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Hi Mouse, I really like your pic – you being invisible with your stylish hat. Very attractive and cool. And I got no doubts that you enjoy threatening random people all over the world. Otherwise, why would you welcome someone with two scary snakes! Anyway, I also believe that you are very kind. And thank you for everything. Such a pleasure to meet you.

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    1. Hi Nebula. Thank you. I don’t recall where I found the invisible man pic but I knew the moment I saw it that it would be perfect.
      I never threaten 😉 I do however, like to play with people.
      The snake/snakes twisting back on itself is the original concept and idea behind this entire blog. Ouroboros, eternity, the twisting tail, reflection, etc
      I try to be kind, and that is all one can do. Thank you for the lovely comment.
      It’s a pleasure to met you as well.

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      1. ‘I do however, like to play with people.’….you are the first person I have ever seen put this in writing…I like it…..I’m more than ready for playing games, as you have already discovered…boing boing

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      2. I don’t lie. Banter gives the mundane spice.
        Who wants to reply to dozens of textbook comments, the same people who write them.


      1. I thought I would start using my name when I felt comfortable enough with my work to take credit for it.
        My real name is on a dozen sites now. Not hard to find.


      2. Your work is worthy for your real name to be associated with it…but I know how you feel

        Being flippant I could say gawd that Matthews character write some silly stuff…I have an excuse though M, I’m an Aussie…..we’re all silly down here

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      3. I think it’s finally at a place where it’s me. Took a while.
        You seem to have figured out your style and added your name to each post.


      4. You have to work through things in your own way and time….for me, your work is worthy of your real name

        I guess because I’m flippant in nature the FCS title fell into place easily…….S allows a few serious to creep in…….A add my name to any of my own work……Quotes From the ‘FCS Book of Useful Proverbs’ are not my works which is why I don’t add my name……just want to share them

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      5. Honestly, I expected to have quit by now.

        I was wondering about that. Some of those proverbs are pure gold and seemed familiar.


      6. I’m not one to do anything for long. Short attention span and all that. It truly is a wonder this blog is still going.
        How long you been at yours?


      7. Would be nice to think so but not holding my breath. I don’t write ‘proper’ poetry which is what you seem to have to write to get viewers and likes in quantity. You look. Most of mine get minimum views with just a handful of likes. I would have thought after a year things would have improved….sigh

        Having said that I mainly write just to amuse myself but a wider viewing audience would be nice…..

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      1. I’ve been trying to listen to it for days. I want to get through it in a single fitting but I keep getting interrupted after a few minutes each time. I’m sure it will be amazing.

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  2. Hey Mouse, how are things with you?! Just wondering what your email address is as I wanted to talk to you about maybe participating in my new BRILLIANT BLOGGER POET initiative?!

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  3. Good morning Michael! National Poetry Month is coming in April and I’ve decided my theme is nonce forms – and I’m including your forms “The Tail” and “The Mouse” as prompts. I hope you don’t mind – I linked them to your posts and give you full credit. I’d love for you to join the fun!

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