The Legend of the Pirate Mouse: A Twisty Tale

I've never reblogged anything before, but then, I've never had fan fiction written about me either. Please check out this amazing artist and my good friend, Harley. mouse 💚 There once was a pirate mouse, who had many gifts he shared with the world. He traveled the seven seas and the shores of Loch Ness … Continue reading The Legend of the Pirate Mouse: A Twisty Tale

Curiosity Peaked

The inconvenience of a small townis also it's charmhe said to me He worea pink shirt with a forget me not printHe reached for his beast pocketI expecteda badgeInsteadhe flashed mea Dale Cooper trading card Good cup of coffeehe remarkedas he downed the cupLas Ketchupare missingOn the eve of their new releaseThe Tortilla Dance I … Continue reading Curiosity Peaked