The Ageless Will

There’s a thread that binds all of us together; pull one end of the thread, the strain is felt all down the line.

Rosamond Marshall

Here I am
Drawing lines
Then, through them
I cross lines

The heavy
Weightlessness of care
You’re not there
And that
Is more than I can bare

When a loved one
walks out the door
Demand closure
You’re paying
the power bill alone now

On this Day in 1969:  "Leaving on a Jet Plane" single sung by Peter, Paul and Mary, written by John Denver hits #1 on US Billboard's Hot Top 100.

A threat is a kind of promise

I’ve waited long enough
Take out
These pins and needles

The secret
To staying young
Is lying about your age

80% of children lie about their age on social media
44% of older workers lie about their age on job applications
20% of people lie about their age on dating sites

Life is a prank on the living

Pre destination
We should stop
for a pee break

The leaf
Knows nothing of death
As it drifts free
To rest


22 thoughts on “The Ageless Will

  1. Was it really all those years ago that song written by John Denver was released!? I was only twelve years old then (and I don’t lie about my age anymore, either). Life is too short for lies. I loved John Denver’s music back in the day. I had all his albums, which I sold to someone not that long ago. I don’t have a record player anymore, so there seemed no point in keeping them all. I sold a lot of other records along with those, too. Got £20 for the lot! Not bad – they were only gathering dust.

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