Scenes from a CAP

uSES OF CAPS LOCK BUTTON.wAIT, THAT'S NOT RIGHT. DAMN IT! I'M NOT ANGRY! I'M NOT AGGRESSIVE!! I'VE JUST NEVER SEEN A CUTER PUPPY IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! You think the all caps was too much? No. I think it was the 42 exclamation marks that did it. Why are you yelling? CAPS LOCK IS STUCK … Continue reading Scenes from a CAP

Affirmations (I Wish My Words were Good Enough)

I know my silly wordsaren't good enough to convince youBut that doesn't mean I won't try The truth isThere'sNo one like youAnd there never will beagain A piece of youIs in every heart you've ever metWhen you goThat piece goes with youAnd creates a holein each heart you leave behind No matter what or how … Continue reading Affirmations (I Wish My Words were Good Enough)