Surviving the Facilities

Seatbelts on a planeReally, what's the pointWe all know the risksIf we cared for our safety at allWe would watch theSafety demonstration I complain it's not fairMy life endedBecause I didn't take careIf only I had stopped to look withinWhen openingThe overhead bin Thunder cracks, I see his eyesPerched there to my surpriseIs a gremlin … Continue reading Surviving the Facilities

Curiosity Peaked

The inconvenience of a small townis also it's charmhe said to me He worea pink shirt with a forget me not printHe reached for his beast pocketI expecteda badgeInsteadhe flashed mea Dale Cooper trading card Good cup of coffeehe remarkedas he downed the cupLas Ketchupare missingOn the eve of their new releaseThe Tortilla Dance I … Continue reading Curiosity Peaked

Peace, Love & Understanding More Hate

More Hate Tread lightlyLeast someonedislikes youUnfollowsUnfriendsBlocksDenies you Ask yourselfWhat actionslead to hateDisrespectDishonourFearMore hate A renewable resource   in abundant supplyIn a land of confusion   will never die Peace, Love & Understanding Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.Martin Luther King … Continue reading Peace, Love & Understanding More Hate

Children’s Rhyme: A Composed Party

The composed evening beganWhen Beethoven made a signHe rightly kicked off the partywith his symphony number nine Bach brought his famous clavierIt's well-tempered rang out his callHe thundered on the keys untilHe noticed he didn't have them all Mozart angrily paused mid requiemTo fiddle with his magic fluteHe realised his singing was betterSo it went … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: A Composed Party