Soulify & An Erratic Era

Soulify To clove a beastas one so daredCan frock at leastthe soul he's bared An Erratic Era The mind sleeps dailyFrom candle to wick, comes waxA softening tissue, seeping vaguely Blasphemers taunt a wayward flameFar from consequence burns an aging wisdomFor none other than the burdened handsOf man signing the victim to his name Ink … Continue reading Soulify & An Erratic Era

Price Paid Over Time

APRIL 23RD Jealousy, betrayal, revenge,Royal crumpets and jamWomen's empowermentOn display in a playIn what the critics callFun for the whole famAnd all wrapped uplike nothing you've ever seenStaged in a comedy for the queen 1597: William Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance What a … Continue reading Price Paid Over Time

Breccbairdne: The Journey is Outdated

Man makes his tunnel,an act beyond mortal.A cavity drivento cheat time by portal. Speed foremost unitesthe ultimate ideals,yet, what the depths concealed,the price of pace reveals Now we can warrantvalue by the decree:Destination only,and forget the journey. The breccbairdne is an Irish quatrain form. Here are the basic guidelines:Quatrain (or four-line stanza) formFive syllables in … Continue reading Breccbairdne: The Journey is Outdated