When the Magic Happens

Monostich: mischievous morpheus On the borderline of sleep dwells mishap The weight upon a lazy eyeIn slumber were fortunes fareCast there on a cat of nineand remind these hands of mine Negligence: Not a saucy garment for bedNegligee: Not an absence of sense... well.... My name? It's exotic, alluring, dangerous, sexyLike a premonition coming to … Continue reading When the Magic Happens

Waiting, and what to do with the Time

Hold it...Hold it...Hold it...How long has it been? ...Three minutes...Shit! Fact: The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months. You have three and a half hours to killYou could watch a double featureOr an epic adventureA short novellaGo for a long hikeOr marathon on a bikeOr say one fucking wordNobody has … Continue reading Waiting, and what to do with the Time

Got Wood?

Driftwood Scattered hullSettle here, beachtravel no further Lost piece, wasted, spentreborn in purpose, whole time is slowerIn the spacebetween buildingsPockets of bygone daysSheltered in openness It was a small boxWhich made it easy to packBut I'm not sureMy wife and IWill both fit in thisBanana hammock Rowboat Tarred bellyResting on the sandWatching the waterFrom the … Continue reading Got Wood?

Price Paid Over Time

APRIL 23RD Jealousy, betrayal, revenge,Royal crumpets and jamWomen's empowermentOn display in a playIn what the critics callFun for the whole famAnd all wrapped uplike nothing you've ever seenStaged in a comedy for the queen 1597: William Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance What a … Continue reading Price Paid Over Time