Fishing Rods & Fake Taxis

Starting Point:
Where is the fishing rod?

The beginning of the Ballad of Fishing Rod

The authorities were a flounder
The disappearance was deemed odd
Every day without fail for thirty years,
We was spotted, the hybrid human-cephalopod

He would catch fish with his bare teeth
Even married one he called Mariana Cod
Then, one day he had gone away
But what happened to Fishing Rod?

It's not the size of the rod
It's the slipperiness of the fish

Out of the frying pan
And into the fire
I could think of worse ways
to smoke out a liar

Google search: Do people eat lyrebird?
Answer: Yes, in the past. Now protected.
Apparently, it tastes like the grouse or blackcock of Scotland.

Additional Google search: how much blackcock do they eat in Scotland?
Answer: not as much as they used to. I did find a large number of links to a ‘fake taxi’ but it was unrelated.

Tanka: Fake sounds about right

I was late to work
Forgot I had no money
Lucky Fake Taxi
Was more than happy to help
With a ride to remember

Goods and services
Varying exchange rates
Unpredictable stock markets
Supply and demand
How can prices ever be fair

Weekly Theme:
Train of Thought

I asked friends and family for a starting point and followed the train.

45 thoughts on “Fishing Rods & Fake Taxis

  1. What happened to Rod
    Where did he go
    Has anyone seen him
    Does anyone know?

    I’m fretting for him mummy……

    I’m sure mouse has an inkling…..


    Look..’the Beginning of….’ Everything has an ending sweetie and they’re always happy…..

    I hope so mummy. Snivel snivel…….

    (See what you’ve started M?)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🀣 nicely done.

      I didn’t expect anyone to care for poor Fishing Rod.
      Beginning. I wanted the grandeur of a ballad without putting in the effort 🀣
      Honestly, I hadn’t thought about that story going any further.
      For the sake of children I will say it’s a happy ending. Tell mother and child not to fret.


      1. Little Billy is a very caring boy. He even worries about stepping on an ant and can be seen hopping aside to avoid them. Personally I think he’s neurotic and will not have an easy life growing up. But that’s another story. I will tell him that Rod eventually finds a Fairy Fishing Rod and they both go into the Grotto of Love and produce lotsa little baby Rods named………. How’s that M?. Sorted. Maybe I should go into writing kiddy story books….. all with happy endings of course

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re right, little Billy is not long for this world.
        I think I’m happy to hand over all rights to the story if you wish to continue 🀣
        I think you could make a killing in children’s books.
        Is there any other kind of ending 😏


      3. Billy is quite happy to leave textbook comment responses to you. He’s quite enjoying your stories. He turns his nose up at your complex poetical forms though . I told him he’s going to have to learn it at school so he better get used to it.
        Serious me – imagination at play M. A wonderful human gift. The adventures of Billy. Online playschool from The House of Mouse…..
        Writers block? Never heard of it…..

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m sure he is πŸ˜‚
        The poetry forms started as practice for me and have become my most popular posts.
        This blog was supposed to be twisted short stories, but after months of no one reading I branched out, poetry, thoughts, humor, etc. Things moved faster after that. Plus I found a rhythm and a style that works.
        I do have a lot of child friendly stuff on the site. Mostly it was for my kids.
        Don’t know if I would subject other peoples children to it 🀣


      5. Back to work now so writing back will become more difficult.
        It’s taken me a couple of years to notice it. On the other end, I was looking at some stuff from my teenagers years and still see similarities.


      6. I definitely have changed. Lot more humour now. Poems much shorter. Most single quatrains. I put this down to enabling me reel off the many rapid thoughts which keep rolling out. The consequence of having a mind going 24/7. I’m doomed M…Billy and Skip say hang in there….

        Humour and fantasy are my lifelines M…..also the pills they give me

        Liked by 2 people

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