Rowboats to Rainbows

Starting Point:Row to the Island I row to the island for the last time. In sight of the shore I relinquish the oars to the waves and bound from the boat into the warm, waist deep water.The boat makes land with a whooshing sound of acceptance in the sand. Later, I will decide its fate, … Continue reading Rowboats to Rainbows

Noodles & Sales

Starting Point:Noodles Senryü: untwisting the strand in the old noodlea puzzle unwinds its wayinto spaghetti Mouse's (philosophical cooking) Pro Tips Strain the noodlesBefore the flameOr receive a soggy resultWith only yourself to blame I blame the penI blame the paperIn the endI'm no better a writer Hey you're that writer, right?I've been known to compose … Continue reading Noodles & Sales