A Taste is Enough

The forecast of no concernJust listen to hear the sky singThe plume will curl in its turnWith what the seasons may bringWe cast an eye and in time we learnHappiness is carried on a wing National Bird Day I would rather give awayThe complete controlor possessionof my lifeThan playone game of Monopoly Monopoly Game Day … Continue reading A Taste is Enough

Dangers in Distraction

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Crystal blue shardsRain down from aboveThe sky is fallingAn open eyefills the void There is a worldlostIn the cracks of pavementThe peopleSpeak of giantsNot knowing the giantsAre little peopleWith giants of their own A perfectsphere RollsDownhillLevitatingan inch off  the groundRepelled  By unearthly  … Continue reading Dangers in Distraction

Born From Who Knows Where

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.Hamlet, William Shakespeare Where were you,cos you certainly weren't here Daydreaming Well, that much is clearBut where did you go? Honestly...I don't know I lost my train ofthought daydreaming WildMonkey barsWhere cavorting primatesHang about They mooThey jump over moonsButNeverhave I seen a cow smilePerhapsA … Continue reading Born From Who Knows Where