Noodles & Sales

Starting Point:Noodles Senryü: untwisting the strand in the old noodlea puzzle unwinds its wayinto spaghetti Mouse's (philosophical cooking) Pro Tips Strain the noodlesBefore the flameOr receive a soggy resultWith only yourself to blame I blame the penI blame the paperIn the endI'm no better a writer Hey you're that writer, right?I've been known to compose … Continue reading Noodles & Sales

From Seaweed to Cage

Starting Point:Seaweed How desperate was the first guy to try seaweed? "What's this washed up on the shore?It's slimy,It stinks,It looks poisonous.I have to put that in my mouth." Nori nori in all your gloryHow I love you soStuffed with Marlin, a dash of DoriAnd if I can find it, a little Nemo You can … Continue reading From Seaweed to Cage

From Titmouse to Death by Poison

Starting Point:Titmouse The name of my future gentleman's establishment?Or if things don't go so wellmy future stripper name? Google search: most common stripper nameAnswer: Crystal A deceiving nameThis compound wordWhich is neither tit nor mouseBut actually a bird Compound birds Buy a dozen birds to tryPlucked, deboned, and floured of coursePound them flat, stack to … Continue reading From Titmouse to Death by Poison

Food & Sh#t

Meet the meat From the treeFleshed outA sight to seeThere they areDangling freeOdd shaped berriesBelow the knee Fact: Avocados are named after reproductive organs.Indigenous people of Mexico and Central America use the Nahuatl word āhuacatl to mean both “testicles” and “avocado.”Additional: Avocados are berries. When you next find yourselfRelaxing on pure white sandsConsider this factAnd what … Continue reading Food & Sh#t