Fishing Rods & Fake Taxis

Starting Point:Where is the fishing rod? The beginning of the Ballad of Fishing Rod The authorities were a flounderThe disappearance was deemed oddEvery day without fail for thirty years,We was spotted, the hybrid human-cephalopod He would catch fish with his bare teethEven married one he called Mariana CodThen, one day he had gone awayBut what … Continue reading Fishing Rods & Fake Taxis

Mother & Woman

mother dear hold tightsunny disposition driftswind scattered daydreamsdandelion children flydistant family settles auburn hair ignitessupple lips sweetly partedpeach scented kissesgaze simmered and beckoningwoman created in Spring Weekly Theme:Original Twisting Tail Format Monday: Flash FictionTuesday: TankaWednesday: Free Verse PoetryThursday: Rhymed poetryFriday: LimerickSaturday: haiku/senryüSunday: Children's Rhyme

Unwanted Advice

tanka: advice on character What would you do ifyou realised that you areJust a figment ofSomeone's imagination? I would act accordingly. Advice Offered Advice offeredBy friendsAnd parentsdiffersIn conveyanceand outcomeAs a childOur peersfriends in our earsThe source of our social standing We ignore thosewho've walked the stepsand know us best As we growInto adulthoodWhat we want … Continue reading Unwanted Advice