From Seaweed to Cage

Starting Point:

How desperate was the first guy to try seaweed?

“What’s this washed up on the shore?
It’s slimy,
It stinks,
It looks poisonous.
I have to put that in my mouth.”

Nori nori in all your glory
How I love you so
Stuffed with Marlin, a dash of Dori
And if I can find it, a little Nemo

You can not escape the weed
Be it by land or under the sea
How long until they take to the sky
Like the plot of a shitty B-grade movie

“We’re not gonna make it out alive!”
“What are you talking about, we’re in a helicopter.”
[Points out cockpit window] “Tell that to him.”
[Tentacle of seaweed slaps side of copter]

Maybe it’s just me
But the word tentacle
Makes me think of H P

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend
Color Out of Space’
Pure Lovecraft magic
With Nicolas Cage at his craziest, cagiest best

If you put Nicolas Cage
In a Cage
You’ve created a Cage cage
By caging a Cage

I wrote cage so many times it looked wrong
I had to look it up to make sure it was right

Weekly Theme:
Train of Thought

I asked friends and family for a starting point and followed the train.

59 thoughts on “From Seaweed to Cage

  1. Ha! I’m a seaweed fan and especially with a little rice and eel…. Also liked HP Lovecraft even bought son#1 a complete works at Christmas (in hard back no less). As for Cage he is a good actor that has done some awful movies… Face/Off was so bad it put me off his movies!

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    1. That’s not something you hear often, don’t most skirt the eel?
      That’s a lucky son. I have to get myself a copy of the complete works.
      Cage certainly has range. Funny, someone was telling me the other day how amazing Cage was in face/off for his ability to play two characters πŸ˜‚


    1. Poor Billy. He is going to have nightmares if he keeps reading my posts πŸ˜‚
      Either that or his mother will have a nervous break down explaining all the nonsense I put out.

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      1. I don’t know if you recall but Billy is one of the students in Poet Don’s class. They have had several of their lessons screened on FCS. The three others are Dauphine, Johnny and Mazie . Mazie’s the tech whiz sets the videoprojector up.

        Billy is interesting. He comes across a bit dumb but hides his streak of geniusity. E.g.
        He can do 1,467 + 9,057 on his fingers. In 15 seconds…..bright bunny is Billy

        Where is all this leading you ask? Good question. Let me think…..

        Both of us write nonsense. Let’s call this insanity. You will probably then be aware of Aristotle’s

        “No great genius was without a mixture of insanity”

        Ergo we are both genius’s as well as being mad. Doesn’t that you make you feel better?……..

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      2. I honestly don’t know if Billy is real or not. The lines of reality are blurring around this boy.
        If Aristotle is talking about me then I’m very happy.
        I’ve been called a genius and an idiot, so I added the two together and assumed I was somewhere in the middle.


      3. Imagination is a wonderful and rewarding thing…

        Is something real or fantasy? Each person makes their own choice. Is Thalia, Muse of Mirth real or fantasy? To me she’s ‘real’. She’s always in the background prodding me to create mirth on FCS. So she might be ‘fantasy’ but to me she’s ‘real’. Thinking aloud, maybe it’s spectrum? Reality at one extreme fantasy at the other. Where one places their belief depends on each individual….. Dunno

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      4. Ok, so I’m guessing both then 🀣
        Probably better to hedge bets on this one. Nothing wrong with belief, just as long as it coincides with the majority. Don’t want to be locked away do we.


      1. It’s a really creative way to spark ideas and your writings here illustrate in a whimsical and entertaining manner the rather random way or brain jumps from one thing to another…πŸ™

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      2. Exactly. I was hoping to show a pattern but without adding footnotes it seemed more like leaps than jumps at points.
        I would love it if this inspired others to post their own trains.


  2. Good one… Yes, there’s a lot of things in this world that make me say “How desperate was the first guy to think…” “Oooh, let me find a pregnant fish, slice it in half, take the eggs and dunk it in salty water and call it caviar…” “What happens if I harvest all these green and purple round fruits, put them in a barrel, stomp on them with my bare feet, drink the juice and call it wine?” “Oooh, a shark. Let me catch it, slice off the fin and toss the rest of it back to the sea, and make soup!”
    Man’s ability to adjust and adapt is amazing, but sometimes it can be a head-scratcher.

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    1. True caviar is a weird one, and do wasteful. I’ll have a mouthful of eggs instead of a pool of fish, ridiculous.
      The idea of alcohol, fermenting, maturation, that’s big brain stuff and a great deal of patience if you don’t know the end result.
      I despise the shark trade. They deserve better than us.
      Man’s ability to harness everything for himself will be his downfall. I would revel in it if my children didn’t have to suffer the consequences.

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