Unwanted Advice

tanka: advice on character

What would you do if
you realised that you are
Just a figment of
Someone’s imagination?

I would act accordingly.

Advice Offered

Advice offered
By friends
And parents
In conveyance
and outcome

As a child
Our peers
friends in our ears
The source of our social standing

We ignore those
who’ve walked the steps
and know us best

As we grow
Into adulthood
What we want more
Than anything else
Is a guiding word
From our parents

Weekly Theme:
Unfinished Work

I’ve rummaged through previously unfinished work with fresh eyes in an attempt to clear the clutter.

28 thoughts on “Unwanted Advice

  1. Youth’s confidence versus maturity’s desire for guidance! So very true!! Very thankful for my parent’s patience and advice – and my sons are coming along nicely. They have called twice in the last couple of weeks for a wise word.

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    1. Well said.
      That’s wonderful. I’m years away from children requiring anything beyond, dont touch that, or, don’t put that in your mouth.


    1. Watching my parents was like watching a train wreck.
      I learned like one of those don’t do this books 🀣
      Thanks charmer. I think a lot of people can understand the first one πŸ’š

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      1. It’s a difficult line as a parent, like everything else. You do your best and listen to experts, then a couple of years later you receive contradictory information and are told you’ve been scarring your children for years πŸ˜‚
        Being a perfect parent is a battle you can never win πŸ˜”πŸ’š

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  2. The youth need to learn and make choices that could lead them down different paths, I remember being young and I thought that I knew it all and that I would never take advise of the people who have been in situations before. Being older I love to receive advise and guidance, I don’t receive any from my own family however receive it from close friends and colleagues. I hope that I can be the wise parent for my children.

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    1. of course, we need to be free to make our own mistakes, it’s a great way to learn. I just wish my children would listen to common sense and logic and stop licking floors and running into walls.

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  3. I’m glad its not just your children who are licking floors haha, I caught my daughter licking the dirty garage floor. Common sense and logic, well… that will hopefully arrive soon.

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    1. My son is addicted to the smell of fresh tar and there is a lot of road construction going on in the area at the moment. Last week he was on all fours smelling the roa, “yep, that’s fresh daddy.” 🀣

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