Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

The free space within ourselves is greatA constant source of wonder and mysteryBefore we choose to question or contemplate      We ask what we want to beWe spread with inspiration from our conceptionYet we remain as an atomic outline Existing in the borders of our perception      One in which we struggle to defineMass on mass hovering a … Continue reading Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

Far from Common

Common Cat Names Millie and MollyKitty and CatGinger and JasperOscar and DoormatTiger and TiggerMisty and MaxSmokey and SmudgeSocks and SnorlaxMissy and MoseyCharlie and ChopPoppy and PussDaisy and the Lord of Darkness, Snugglepop (the top 10 most popular cat names across US, UK and AUS + a couple of my own) Senryu:to a pet You are … Continue reading Far from Common

Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

White flour (part 2) Of crypt nor caseMutual in that there wasteThe dimes man hath symbolisedA price which deems to tantalizeTo the dust demise their birthSolid a fist of copper                        Driven through the earth (I couldn't find part 1) Midnight Beholds Gauntlet of proseDown at the flameAnd grow To the one I loveThat does not … Continue reading Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)