Life Changing Lies & Jokes

“Doctor this is serious, we are losing patients.”
“You must never lose patience. Now tell me, how are they dying?”
“They aren’t dying, doctor, they are leaving. They would rather die at home than stay here and listen to your jokes.”

I thought I had a picture perfect life.

That life changed with a single call
One mistake that shattered it all
The friendly notification telling me
My credit card had some unusual activity

The itemised list was read to me.

Clothes, food, drink, bought about town
A hotel room for the theives to bed down
With the card cancelled I had to see
Who was this person parading as me

The receptionist was accommodating.

When told of the situation at hand
He happily granted my simple demand
I had the floor, room number and room key
Minutes later, I had the door in front of me

I could feel the electricity in the air.

The lock clicked and I entered the fray
A moment I carry with me to this very day
I recognised first the sound of the cry
Then familiar stilletos pointed to the sky

My wife on her back deep in the throes.

I coughed, never one to allow sleeping dogs
I waited, watching the churning cogs
I looked deep in that startled upturned eye
Trapped, unable to craft an elaborate lie

I felt the silence began to sting.

I said, you used my card instead of your own
Otherwise, I might never have known
I turned and left, what else could I say
In an act of rage I pulled the fire alarm on my way.

The truth was out by the end of the day.

Much like a virus is the spreading word
I said nothing beyond what people had heard
Friends consoled me how they thought best
I took to drink and found peace and rest

Before long my friends grew concerned.

I left them to believe, I continued to drink
I had little concern of what they might think
Life continued on and I was content
I lived moment to moment until I was spent

I was the only one who knew the truth.

She was gone, I felt no need to cry
I had found my way out of living a lie
The only fear I lived with now had to be
The day my drinks would no longer be free

Weekly Theme:
Unfinished Work

I’ve rummaged through previously unfinished work with fresh eyes in an attempt to clear the clutter.

29 thoughts on “Life Changing Lies & Jokes

    1. Thank you.
      That’s great to hear. As a complete fabrication, if it reads as truth I’ve done well.
      Enjoy the rest of your week


      1. You think? I watched a documentary on the guy right before that and was like oh he seems nice. Nope.

        What time is it there?

        Liked by 1 person

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