Correct & Maintain the Farm


I wander aimless, tread safe, common land
As life and freedom draw harsh torture near
Naive to danger, timeless the demand
Riddled to pluck choices contrite with fear
Reveal a guilt, bearing languid and queer 
My soft mind racked, seeking an answer dark
Revel with a singular, focused spark
A light, like a beam, with which I direct
There is the way, the truth, the guiding mark
Roads are made smooth, when convinced correct

3. Write a Dizain

Maintain the Farm

What is lost to memory
is an unbridled matter without test
If, in absence one releases the chain
they have forgone answers to the process
But grasp and clutch even a single thread
therein lies hope that may maintain the farm

Drawn upon the remnant farm
through trinkets fond as childhood memory
Soft to touch, recently frayed cotton thread
shines time and delivers a golden test
To cast doubt, haze still the harvest process
and slaughter livestock in a constant chain

A blow, forced, sways the loose chain
signalling unrest which free stalls the farm
Aghast, products empty of the process
reliant on chaotic memory
defy where is safe to weather a test
and permit calamity to the thread

Of origin, trace the thread
Along withered vines, down the dogged chain
Beyond the handicap of a godly test
Ordained before knowledge or means to farm
Like strict premonitions from memory
We nullify purpose from the process

Where power forms the process
clearly trained pathways conveyed in a thread
Alert with light a burdened memory
to stake a high claim within the food chain
Importance is in the desire to farm
the foreseeable growth will stand the test

In dire need, want of true test
relieve the fields of weeds in due process
Strengthen what is sacrificed to the farm
then amend, take up arms, needle and thread
Sift the difference in the dirt and soil chain
commit the sweated brow to memory

With a laboured test, taut becomes the thread
Progress in the process forms the linked chain
Housing the farm of thriving memory

10. Write a sestina

Weekly Theme:

Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt

9 thoughts on “Correct & Maintain the Farm

  1. WOW! You really made the most of these prompts! I love the sestina (such imagery and flow)! You are going to make me run out of my allotment of exclamation marks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🤣
      That sestina became a thorn in my side. I’d completed every other prompt for the week but that took two extra days to form and edit.
      Still 8 prompts to go 😉


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