Correct & Maintain the Farm

Correct I wander aimless, tread safe, common landAs life and freedom draw harsh torture nearNaive to danger, timeless the demandRiddled to pluck choices contrite with fearReveal a guilt, bearing languid and queer My soft mind racked, seeking an answer darkRevel with a singular, focused sparkA light, like a beam, with which I directThere is the way, … Continue reading Correct & Maintain the Farm

Ovillejo: Amnesia

Tell me, please, where did the time go?I don't know Was my life until now a sham?Who I am Could my past be the current cause?Or who I was Lost in my absent mind, I pauseWhere am I without memory?The very essence that makes meI don't know who I am, or who I was The … Continue reading Ovillejo: Amnesia

Misunderstood Pleas

Memories are tricky beastswho pick at thoughtsand starve at feasts Past words swarmthreatening like angered bees Grown to birds in chorus formthey escape the mouthas misunderstood pleas "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin Weekly Theme:Quote Prompts


Layers ripple into the infiniteStaining through and overlappingJumbled messages, mongrel signalsTaint the pristine avenues of the synapsesThe pathways impassable are abandonedAnd a mirror's reflection no longer permits the senses Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts