The Basket Ball & Long Last

The Basket Ball I may of had an Irish whiskeyMaybe two or threeThat's not too badThe car drank more than meHe's sleeping it offAt the bottom of the sea Trapped in the watery casketin this auto-motive travestyMy briefcase and basketor my wicker headdress to beAnd now, what is worst of allI'll be late you seeto … Continue reading The Basket Ball & Long Last

Magic Turkey & Honesty

Magic Turkey     Composedbeyond paint    and parchment                Broad strokes   numbered fivespreadin brown and red  a turkeyappearsfrom the hand 6. Compose a poem about hands Honesty Heroines swoonHe'll be here soon Villains bewareHe knows you're there The time has comeMay all succumb The hero is hereEvil live in fear He stands, a godly destroyerThe one, the … Continue reading Magic Turkey & Honesty