Capture The Sky & Identify The Monster

Capture the Sky

An umbrella inverted
capture the sky

Tidy is the order
land free of mud

Weight rests burden
the fabric will cry

Until they are equal
there will be blood

4. Use the following words in a poem: equal, umbrella, tidy, weight

Identity the Monster

Let’s see what’s in the news today
Military kills own people
Man charged with 27 counts of rape
Another dead in hit and run in the UK
Husband beats wife to death with hammer
Hate crime murder of homosexual teen
Three month old baby starves to death
There’s no such thing as monsters
A greater lie was never told
Real monsters are human
And they live amongst us

11. Write a poem that explores a lie you were told

Weekly Theme:

Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt

11 thoughts on “Capture The Sky & Identify The Monster

  1. I adore the way you wove these poems. The first is wonderful beyond wonderful. And the second is too true. At first I figured it was a list poem (didn’t realize which prompt it was for until the last lines) but it packs a whallop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Playing with forms this week where you didn’t give guidelines.
      That second was just new headlines over a 24 hour period, sad to say.


    1. Thanks eden
      I wasn’t sure if that format would come out as blunt or simplistic but it’s what the words wanted to do, so I let it be.


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