The Name of My Lost Love & Rightings on the Wall

The Name of My Lost Love

People say I have a problem
a kind of reccuring mental lapse
I seem to lose or misplace things
Early signs of my senility perhaps

But now I’ve lost my dearest
The purpose of my beating heart
I’ve lost my sweet love
While shopping at Walmart

Distracted by melons in produce
I looked up and she wasn’t there
Maybe she was hiding to spite me
For focusing on another pair

Customer service will help me
They’ll put an end to this game
They can call my wife over the P.A.
Now, if I could only remember her name

2. Write a poem about lost love

Rightings on the Wall

those misspelled rightings on the wall
claim each recieve there just desert 
such as life, we live, rise, and fall
lost soles wandering the dessert

life, a neva ending tail, say
those misspelled rightings on the wall
pulling tigers tales every way
seaing the twist before the fall

future is doomed whatever the call
take time allow yourself to heel
those misspelled rightings on the wall
remember you’re Achilles heal 

you can fight all you want, accept
fate is decided for us all
I know it is hard to except
those misspelled rightings on the wall

9. Write a quatern poem

Weekly Theme:

Murisopsis Scavenger Hunt

26 thoughts on “The Name of My Lost Love & Rightings on the Wall

  1. The first poem is laugh out loud funny. losing your love in Walmart whilst looking at the wrong melons has got to be the ultimate love story.
    I enjoyed the second one too, a clever bit of word play.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Thank you.
      I’m sure this happens everyday in the US 🤣
      The second, I had the idea a while back and I realised this poetic form would be perfect to express it.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I am completely entertained! The spelling in the second was clever even if it grated on my OCD grammar police genes… I still chuckled! Thanks tons for playing along with this Scavenger Hunt!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad. You have some fun prompts. I tried my best to run the gamut of ideas. Made for a fun week. I have a link to your site everyday, hopefully it helps you get a few more participants.


      1. I’m always surprised about what I write that is popular when others, that I feel are pure Genius, are ignored. We’re a whimsical group. But yours WERE Genius. X

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve had the same thought often. I write a wide range of topics and forms and I can’t make sense of it.
        In a way, WordPress is writers testing the waters of acceptance.
        Thank you again, kind Miss 💚


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