Senryu: Downside of a Single Dream

A lifelong dream reached
The summit of Everest
All downhill from here

8 thoughts on “Senryu: Downside of a Single Dream

      1. He doesn’t 😬. He died a couple of years ago unfortunately! And he seemed to be a recluse and spent a lot of time trying to express those feelings through art. So yeah, good question! I imagine you’d mostly be glad to be back on Earth lol

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      2. I did the same! I was lying there one day thinking, ‘shit didn’t he… or did I dream it?’.

        I think you’d love this podcast called ’13 minutes to the moon’, if you listen to podcasts! It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever listened to/watched! As in listening to that beats anything I’ve ever listened to AND watched!

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      3. I’ve started listening to podcasts recently on my ride to work. That’s is until my headphones stopped working.
        I’ll definitely give it a listen when I buy a new pair πŸ‘

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  1. magnificent: that’s how it must be for those who achieve a magnificent dream early; there are the early achievers who cheat the downhill slide by dying young: then there are the late achievers πŸ™‚

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