Flower Beds

And so it is our day of toilour hands, the soilwhere sweat let rununder the sun In work, digress, settle downstreamearthbound, I dreamthoughts in dire needdesire to bleed I tire, withdraw, let slip my minda place I findto rest my headflower the bed The minute poem.The rules are simple:3 quatrains (or 4-line stanzas)8 syllables in … Continue reading Flower Beds

Death Blitz

Scab over Life Tear off the band-aidtear open the scabscab the skin askewscab to stem the bloodblood the bath in redblood the green and newnew to lifenew with hopehope of chance and changehope of choice and blameblame beyond our bordersblame cast high aboveabove the run of watersabove the flow of tearstears against all orderstears well … Continue reading Death Blitz

Mother & Woman

mother dear hold tightsunny disposition driftswind scattered daydreamsdandelion children flydistant family settles auburn hair ignitessupple lips sweetly partedpeach scented kissesgaze simmered and beckoningwoman created in Spring Weekly Theme:Original Twisting Tail Format Monday: Flash FictionTuesday: TankaWednesday: Free Verse PoetryThursday: Rhymed poetryFriday: LimerickSaturday: haiku/senryüSunday: Children's Rhyme