Mother & Woman

mother dear hold tightsunny disposition driftswind scattered daydreamsdandelion children flydistant family settles auburn hair ignitessupple lips sweetly partedpeach scented kissesgaze simmered and beckoningwoman created in Spring Weekly Theme:Original Twisting Tail Format Monday: Flash FictionTuesday: TankaWednesday: Free Verse PoetryThursday: Rhymed poetryFriday: LimerickSaturday: haiku/senryüSunday: Children's Rhyme

Aquarium Fishing

Serenity rests on a mirrorThe angler cracks his backcatches a glimpse in the shimmerReady the attack on dinner “Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God.” – Tony Blake I saw God in the eye of a catfishDistant, unblinking, blankAnd finally I understoodThe term catfish Going Out of … Continue reading Aquarium Fishing

Thơ sáu chữ: Keep Your Hands Clean

We can speak of a thingand comprehend it's something we doBut you don't truly understand wrongdoing until it is inflicted upon you We live vicariously through a screenfrom the comfort of our homesBe safe, keep your hands clean from where the suffering freely roams Thơ sáu chữ (Six-Word Verse): Stanzaic, written in quatrains or octaves.6 … Continue reading Thơ sáu chữ: Keep Your Hands Clean