thơ bốn chữ: Life & Light

Life I have not livedA year now goneLiving a normal lifeTime spent in dreams Light I absorb the lightI expel a shadowI slow at nightI want to glow The elements of the thơ bốn chữ (Four Word Verse) are:Stanzaic, written in couplets, each line has 4 words.Rhymed or unrhymed, with tonal inflection. Weekly Theme:Vietnamese Poetry … Continue reading thơ bốn chữ: Life & Light

Sleep, Perchance to Love

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreamsDr. Seuss If you should ever find love,give a thought to heaven above,For there is nothing elseon earth quite like it. Senryu: Unconscious Relationships I'm in a comabecause if I was awakeI'd have left by now In my … Continue reading Sleep, Perchance to Love