Help the Human Race


A triple lock for the entrance

Black out curtains on every window

Cut the power in advance

Stop talking to everyone you know


Baseball bat by the door

Shotgun by the bed

A safe room in the floor

A bomb shelter lined with lead


Learn to make drinking water from pee

Lifetime supply of food, canned and dried

Surveillance for every inch of the property

Let everyone you know think you’ve died


An apocalypse plan for when the bombs drop

Zombie outbreak kit because, why not

A stylish tin foil hat the cherry on top

And then you are safe, to let civilisation rot


For your fellow man

Be prepared, there’s no harm

Notify your kinsman

We can help you sound the alarm


Now, it would help the human race

If you nut jobs could choose a day

Make the world a better place

And lock yourselves away



28 thoughts on “Help the Human Race

    1. Thank you 😊 I hope people understood it. I thought it was straight forward. But I posted a poem called photo frame which was rather cold and someone said its warm with a sweet ending, so 🤔


      1. Um I wrote a poem about the movie Casper…as in the friendly ghost, and someone spoke about how their ex wives used to call him a keeper.

        I chalk it up to people find their own meanings. Either that or they’re skimming. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      2. I read it. Can I keep you? I was at the right age to fall deeply in love with Christina Ricci.
        Still haven’t seen Lizzie Borden, you?

        I came to the same conclusion. If I skimmed I wouldn’t dare comment though. To each his own.


      3. You and I have established we are about the same age. I was deeply in love with Devon Sawa 😊

        I have seen Lizzie Borden. She is just as good an actress as ever amd extremely underrated.

        I agree. No reason to comment if you skim! How embarrassing

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      4. Every girl was in love with Devon. That boy was a porcelain doll. Surprised he became a b-grade actor.

        I guess Borden goes on the list. I could figure out how they could make a series out of something that seems perfect for a movie.

        Very embarrassing. But i didn’t call it so she is none the wiser (unless she is reading this 🤣)


      5. I look back now at JTT and Devon and think wtf….

        My first real celebrity crush was Gavin Rossdale. I can still see why. It was that concert in the rain.

        I think they made a movie first but im not 100% sure. That reminds me to go back and write more horror posts.

        Hopefully she’s not. If she is though, oh well. Mistakes were made.

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      6. Devon I understand. JTT I could never figure out. Seemed like a little d-bag.

        That makes sense. That man was a god in the 90’s.
        I love gwen but I can’t figure out how those two got together. Well, not together anymore.
        I’ve been waiting for the horror posts. Thought you were saving the last few for Halloween week. I look forward to them 🎃


      7. I remember listening to the radio on my walkman when they announced Gwen and Gavin were dating and I was so sad. Like my chance was ruined 😂

        I was so busy at work after taking those 2 days off so I haven’t been watching anything. Starting tomorrow 1-2 a day every day till Halloween! 🧛🏻‍♀️

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      8. No worries! I need to write them first😊

        And that’s a no from me on single gavin. Once a cheater!

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      9. I read rumours he was cheating for 3 years with the nanny. Did he confirm?
        Either way divorce is awful.
        Interesting names for their kids
        Kingston James McGregor
        Zuma Nesta Rock
        Apollo Bowie Flynn


      10. They really are cool names. If I were to ever have kids, which I won’t, they’d have cool, non cruel names.

        He was cheating the whole time. I feel bad for her but she seems to be doing well now

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      11. Don’t come to Finland then. The names don’t translate well.

        Damn bastard. I wouldn’t worry about Gwen. She has more balls than Gavin ever did. She was always going to be fine.


      12. It’s actually really warm in here. I moved in last tuesday. Crawled in through your ear and made myself at home. I have a couch being delivered next week. I hope the movers are gentle.

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      13. I wouldn’t worry about that old place. They’ve been talking about renovations for years but I doubt it will ever happen. Have you met Carlos downstairs yet?


      14. I have! He’s a little odd. What’s with his pet ostrich Joseph? Why all the taxidermy bullfrogs? Janet across the hall is another weird one. I think she’s a hoarder.

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      15. Joe’s fine. Just don’t believe him when he says bathing suits are optional in the hot tub.
        I think the bullfrog are a sex thing so I’ve never asked. Don’t ask don’t tell, you know.
        Janet, Janet, Janet. Dammit Janet. I’ve warned her about the smell there recently. I’ll talk to her life partner Karen about another intervention.


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