For the Price of Six Beers… 

For the low price of just six beers, I’m not talking about that import or microbrew nonsense; no, I’m talking domestic, good old fashioned, Joe blue collar beer; You, could be the owner of this revolutionary product. 


Along with an inflated sense of self worth, and entitlement, you and everyone around will become more beautiful and interesting immediately. Gorgeous women will be falling at your feet. 


Don’t fall for overpriced impersonators. 

Trust the tried and tested classic. 


Beer Goggles 

You get what you deserve


Use wisely. 

8 thoughts on “For the Price of Six Beers… 

  1. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

    Side effects include poor decision making, fathering children you don’t know exist, possible stds, uncomfortable conversations the next day, and possible hangovers.

    See your doctor if beer goggles last for more than a few hours. Beer goggles should not be worn if you’re pregnant or nursing.

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    1. Hilarious and scary. I had written something very close. Then cut it. Kept the post as a straight advertisement. But you guys in the US still actually have disclaimers like this right?


      1. Lol yes! Basically all commercials for pharmaceutical products have a long list of things that basically say you will die of you take this.

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      2. Oh to live in the US and have mortality thrust in your face at every turn. Obviously, I know it’s to cover their arses in the land of lawsuits 🤣


  2. For some people it doesn’t even take that much. I have seen people drink nonalcoholic beer and they lose their minds around the second or third because they think they’re drunk (as opposed to losing their minds because the stuff tastes like sewage.) Lightweights, lol.

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    1. Very true. Placebos and the power of the mind.
      I’ve had a few non-alcoholic beers in my time, mostly free samples through work. Never really saw the point. Hollow taste, no finish, like it was only half made. It’s as if someone drank the beer, absorbed the alcohol and spat the remnants back in the bottle.

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