Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

The One Merely to have knownis to have been touchedMerely to have lovedis to have been enough Faces of the Altering Brut A soul searching sun had pried deep insideI see with abnormal eyes that have driedAnd I stare into my discontentFor I misled you, I misleadBecause I am, I am man, I inventAnd ask … Continue reading Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

White flour (part 2) Of crypt nor caseMutual in that there wasteThe dimes man hath symbolisedA price which deems to tantalizeTo the dust demise their birthSolid a fist of copper                        Driven through the earth (I couldn't find part 1) Midnight Beholds Gauntlet of proseDown at the flameAnd grow To the one I loveThat does not … Continue reading Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)