Traffic Cones & Snow Globes

Starting Point:Traffic cone Stop!Do not pass! Or just walk around me,Move me,Wear me on your head like a drunken idiot. AfterallI'm just a symbolI can't actually stop you Google search: how many traffic cones are stolen per year?Answer: approximately 1 million in the US alone. Back homeWe know them as witches' hatsWhich made me wonder … Continue reading Traffic Cones & Snow Globes

Epitaphs: Two Minute Tombstones

Taken too soon, aged 95They took her while nappingDidn't realise she was alive She broke her backThe clumsy lassNow she spends eternitySmelling her own ass If the grave's a' rockinPlease come a' knockin Rent This SpacePlease contact:Two Minute Tombstones Drown in the tubGiving his ducky a rub He was a motorcycle riderEnded upLooking like a … Continue reading Epitaphs: Two Minute Tombstones

Thơ sáu chữ: Keep Your Hands Clean

We can speak of a thingand comprehend it's something we doBut you don't truly understand wrongdoing until it is inflicted upon you We live vicariously through a screenfrom the comfort of our homesBe safe, keep your hands clean from where the suffering freely roams Thơ sáu chữ (Six-Word Verse): Stanzaic, written in quatrains or octaves.6 … Continue reading Thơ sáu chữ: Keep Your Hands Clean