Left in the Snow

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.Aristotle If you want to leave...Aka baby it's cold outside I'd hate to be the one to saywhere only one can have their wayand be the one to make you stayplease go away, please go away I left at the … Continue reading Left in the Snow

Boxes & Bones

Couplet: life story We compose as the melody rocksEach life reciting a ballad to the box Abbreviated Haiku: sleep box ringing earskiss of the red glovesleep the sleep Hay(na)ku: UFCourage wegot gameand death wishes Naani: checked & boned I banged my hubrisAgainst my humerusNow I can't stop laughingAbout my ambitions Quatrain: hard times fall on … Continue reading Boxes & Bones