Obstacles Better Unseen

Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.

Paul Theroux

Mouse’s Travel Tips:

Just because you are riding a bicycle
Don’t feel the need to wear bicycle shorts

Footpath closed, Roadworks ahead!
It has been this way three months now
I think the footpath is dead

What the bark?
Who cleans up
After the homeless man
Pooping in the dog park?

With the ringing of a bell
Pedestrians dodge, duck, dive and yell
They scurry, jump, bump and claw
Have they never seen a bike before?

Weekly Theme:
Work Commute

Thoughts and observations from my daily bike ride to and from work.

30 thoughts on “Obstacles Better Unseen

    1. Thank you.
      Okay, from what I’ve found, parks and rec, provided it’s park land, must maintain the standard of the parks. Unless the homeless man has an owner πŸ€”

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