Strain in Motion

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal

Paul Coelho


Be the master
Invite the strain
Keep yourself fit
Everyone else can ride the train

All this sweat
Before I even start work
But the space afforded
by my co workers
Is a definite perk

Käpylä bridge

Refuse litters the angled stairwells
Long fallen into disrepair.
Spiderweb splintered pavement
Catching hasty heels unaware

The clock still beams an echo
For a train that will never go
Passengers of the afterlife
People we no longer know

I’m homeward bound
Drifting with the doldrums
Overtired and overworked
What is left of life succumbs

Weekly Theme:
Work Commute

Thoughts and observations from my daily bike ride to work.

39 thoughts on “Strain in Motion

  1. A most productive ride to work. The afforded space 😅 ending with a bit contemplative thought on the ride home. Nicely done, Twisty. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s commute. 😉💙

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    1. Thanks bluey ☺️💚
      I used to write while on the bus, much easier to take notes than on a bike.
      I often what others are thinking while they ride. Many a blank stare in the morning 🤣

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      1. I agree. I used to laugh at the people who made faces while the slept on the subway, snore, drool or even mumbling. I know I’m bad, but it was very entertaining.

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      2. That has never happened to me, but I have seen it happen to others. The gentle shrug of the shoulder, the out right poke to hilarious

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      1. I was riding an electric bike a couple of days ago. The eco/low mode is a bit of work if you have enough of a climb. We are in the swabian alps, electric is a must.

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  2. All very clever! It brought back memories of a certain grad student who rode to work/classes. His BO was so overpowering that we finally had to have an intervention! Amazingly he took our advice and stopped at the rec center and showered. Life was better for everyone! He even found a girl friend!!

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    1. Thank you.
      Luckily this is fictional. We have showers in the change Rooms if necessary. By the end of my shift I smell more than any bike ride I could take.
      I’ve heard women appreciate good grooming and nice smells. I really should give it a try.


    1. Thank you.
      We are creatures of habit, good and bad. The fact that we can favour the obvious destructive decision time and time again is what separates us from every other animal on the planet.

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      1. I agree with your sentiment. 💯 Humans have the greatest capacity for self-destructive and sadistic behavior, but even cursory research will unearth parallels in other species. On the other hand, I don’t know of any other species that will play video games until 3 A.M. as they drink Mountain Dew and eat two-day old pizza between bong rips. I remember once I could choose sex with my college girlfriend or playing video games. I think if I was a silverback gorilla I would’ve chosen my devoted girlfriend. 🤣

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      2. To be honest, they both sound like great options and I would have a hard time deciding.
        We may need to train some silverbacks to play PlayStation to find a cross species answer 🤣

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      3. 🤣 Excellent. I will subscribe to your research team’s weekly vlog. It would be interesting to see if they had a knack for particular game genres and titles. Would they be any good at JRPGs? What would they think about “Donkey Kong?” Would they protest the game as an insult to gorilla-kind?

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      4. It would be.
        I think donkey Kong would be an icon and a celebrity. A crusader for primate justice. I wonder if the game, ‘Rampage’ would incite violent and aggressive tendencies against buildings.

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      5. Maybe. But it’s been proven that there’s no correlation between violence and video games. It might be unfair to assume that a video game would make gorillas more violent. On the other hand, a gorilla who was already prone to violence might remember elements from the game and start throwing cars into buildings—if, and only if, they were big enough. On the other hand, an entity (I’m thinking of a rogue A.I.) who identified with the ‘Rampage’ gorilla for some reason might get confused and start attacking buildings. But really, who knows what would happen in a kaiju scenario?

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      6. I didn’t realise that had stopped flogging that particular dead horse.
        Yes, psychotic episodes brought on by flashbacks. Perhaps animal rage instilled with delusional sense of grandeur.
        I haven’t seen the film but I was of the understanding the destruction was a raging against the system which enslaved the animal.
        So, first train primates to play video games in place of relations then find a way of increasing there mass tenfold. That may take longer to figure out.

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      7. 😂 To what film are you referring? Maybe the answers you seek are in VR gaming? Then you wouldn’t need to figure out how to turn a gorilla into King Kong. All this animal experimentation seems unethical, but at some point in the future, gorillas may only exist in captivity. They could be given VR headsets to visit the natural spaces they lost whenever they wanted. Those VR gaming systems could be loaded with other games, including ‘Rampage.’ (Sorry for continuing to flog the long dead horse. As a neurodivergent person, I have a hard time setting down a thread after picking it up.)

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      8. They released a movie of the same name, Rampage, starring Dwayne Johnson.
        I agree it is unethical, but why stop now.
        We are close that point now, most wild gorillas have an armed escort to stop poachers. Such are the times.
        I like the idea of vr to simulate their natural habitat. And if it is believable, I can’t see why loading a rampage game into the headset wouldn’t be taken as reality as well.
        I have the same problem 😂

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