The Way It Is

It’s the not the Destination, It’s the journey.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pedals track
Chain responds
Gears click

The sprinklers of the golf course
blink across the green
Their work is done before the dawn
only the result is seen

“Do you really ride your bike to work every day?”
“Don’t you have a car?”
“I own a car. I just believe that to be taking the easy way.”
“I drive my car to work everyday, do you think I always take the easy way?”
“Well, no.”
“Damn right.”
“…salad is probably the easiest food to prepare and eat and I doubt one has ever crossed your lips.”
“You little fu…”
“Wait, wait, wait, but, if we are considering your sex life on the other hand, well that is a whole other level of easy.”

The route that I have taken
Is the best way I know
It leads me in the direction
That I need to go

But if I do not listen
It won’t take too long
For that annoying Google bitch
To tell me that I’m wrong

Weekly Theme:
Work Commute

Thoughts and observations from my daily bike ride to and from work.

41 thoughts on “The Way It Is

      1. YES! Anything would be better than a fucking silence. It would actually break the tension!! My nightmare is mini roundabouts close together, because it can’t keep up, so I’m constantly getting the direction for the previous roundabout, then during that silence I’m arriving at the next roundabout. End up in a mess and just having to stop πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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      2. 🀣 I’ve had the same problem with off ramps and on ramps. The GPS doesn’t need to be out by much. I remember my parents using a giant book of maps, glad we’ve evolved beyond that.

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      3. I would hold the Atlas and my little brother would hold the globe if we went on linger trips.
        The book of maps was called a melways. It had all the streets within Victoria, Australia.


      1. I’m impressed with your research techniques. And to even envelop her in a quatrain. Have you asked for a date yet? Seriously, an Aussie? not Irish or Kagastanian? I’m sure she would be Irish, hence lassie. Why not Yank you ask? Good question. Dunno….

        Nice you looking after me with some silly to chew on…….You think I’m illiterate don’t you? Don’t answer that……

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      2. I have to know things 🀣 I would go insane if I didn’t look it up. Insaner.
        I’m married and on the other side of the world, she’s all yours.
        I expected American. They like to keep it in the Family.


      3. I’m like you. Have to research. Why’s this? Why’s that? I can’t understand people who just sail through life with a lack of curiosity in the world about them. A curious mind makes life so much richer, yes?

        Wonder what makes them decide which accent to use in GPS?. ……Wonder you haven’t got a sweet Finnish lass…..

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      4. That’s what I’m trying to teach my kids. I don’t want to raise people without curiousity and imagination. Most people bore me, I don’t want to create more 🀣

        I once accidentally switched the language to Filipino, thought I’d had a stroke and couldn’t understand language any more.


      5. I used to be an educator. Still in my blood. You will detect an educational side to much of my work.

        Don’t tell me. Filiponos sat up said hello? M speaks our lingo? and you proceeded to get all these Filipino comments…..

        After 8 moths of freedom we’ve been plunged overnight into 7 day lockdown. Can’t coffee and read paper in cafe. How am I gonna survive?

        All flippancy aside Delta is deadly serious. You don’t mess around with it. Your Victoria is still struggling with it….

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      6. I didn’t realise you were old enough to used to be anything πŸ˜‚
        I thought you were early 20s

        She sounded angry, like I was bothering her for directions she didn’t know.

        I heard about that. I might be having issues with my job in a few weeks. Fingers crossed I keep it.

        The Delta wave is coming through Europe and it is not looking good.


      1. I’m sure she keeps a little swear book for revenge . Aussie lassies, like Karen, might be sweet but don’t take too kindly to being called a bitch. Shit Karen! why am I in the river??……..


  1. I once got lost in the Scottish Highlands, in the dead of night, minus 5 degree temperature outside and only a quarter of a tank of petrol left in the car.

    Google bitch saved my life that night. Therefore I can forgive her πŸ˜‰πŸ–€

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  2. Hehe! We have a “Bitch in a Box” as well. She identifies as “Elizabeth” but I think she’s a little wacky. She can’t say the street names correctly – Pipestone (pronounced Pipe- stone) is to her “Pip – pest – one” and her mangling of Lincoln Way is beyond amusing especially since she changes it every time.

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