“I had the strangest dream. I swam in an open green sea for what felt like hours, before four mermaids with coral red hair found me. 

Four leagues they carried me to a sandy atoll, where I was trapped for four days and nights.

On the fourth night, lush green waves crashed upon my sandy refuge. I bunkered down as the swell rose but I was washed out to sea again. 

I saw a flag nearby. In hope of a ship and possible rescue, I swam toward it. 

But the flag was a marker for a swirling vortex. I was caught, the undercurrent dragging me down into the cavernous hole at its centre. 

That’s the last thing I remember. Where am I? Is this the other side?”


“You’re on the 9th hole, mate. Someone shanked a ball on eight and you copped it in the back of the head. Can you get up, or do we play through?”




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