I am the Moon

The weight of importanceIn a tidal shiftSwaysThe rhythm wavesCrashes on rocks... and takes flight Cold glancescast from the skyDistant A nightly affairA forgotten wish for reaping The satellite becomesAs it isTied to the tideAndTied to do so I am the moonClose to youIn the nightI reachI pullI release All I want is to hold you … Continue reading I am the Moon

Children’s Rhyme: Two Crable Parable

The Fiddler Crabcalled out with prideThis is my castle,my home by the seaThe Hermit Crab,unimpressed, repliedAll I needI can carry with me The Hermit Crabsettled in on the beachAs the tide roseat the end of the dayWaves came,nothing safe from their reachIn a momentthe castle was washed away

Better Off Dead

Ominous clouds silently stalk the coast Where gulls make way to open sea Waves collide, and feast upon the host Slaves to the ebbing tide of eternity Measured droplets of faith from your eyes Misplaced in the venture ahead An army unconquered lives, breathes and dies There honesty greets those better off dead