Flash 666

6 words Planet Earth 'For Sale' sign removed. 36 words I feel it, like pre-consternation, like a special kind of pessimism, the reccurring theme that scripts my life. I think this and stare into the emptiness.Why is there never milk left when it's my turn? 66 words The child appeared concerned."That sound, I've heard it … Continue reading Flash 666

Blank Pages

Before my daily post I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a thank you, for all the support. The beginning, always repeating, is its own end. And to that end, we begin again.We attempt to trace a line without realising the pages move with us. All that is left is a … Continue reading Blank Pages

The Frictional Force of Stupidity

"You said the test would be easy!" Shouted a disgruntled boy in the front row. His thick rimmed glasses were steaming and his smart attire was visibly ruffled."Well, that's the difference between theory and experiment." Responded the nonchalant physics professor as he entered the class."I have no idea what that means."The professor sighed. "Okay, consider … Continue reading The Frictional Force of Stupidity