The Door Marked EXT

No one ever goes in, no one ever comes out.

That’s what they said, but no one could say why.

It was months before I realised what it was about this particular door, that attracted my attention. There was no handle and no keyhole.

My curiosity demanded an answer. I looked at the building plans; the rooms dimensions were no bigger than a common phone box.

I’ve had a single question repeating in my mind and I could only think of one answer.


How does a door with no key and no handle open?


From the other side.



EXT Extension

EXT Extended

EXT External

EXT Exterior (screenwriting)

EXT Extraction

EXT Exton (Amtrak station code; Exton, PA)

EXT Extinguisher

EXT Extruded

EXT Extinguished

EXT Escalade Crossover Truck

EXT Exterior

EXT Extension File

EXT E-Mail Text

EXT Exeter, England, UK – Exeter (Airport Code)

EXT Exotoses


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