Palindrome: Order & Pain

Poetry: the best words in the best order.Samuel Taylor Coleridge Pain, such is existence That knowledge numbsDreams circlingTo escape Where life compels chaosSo reigns ORDER reigns, so chaos compels life Where escape To circling dreamsNumbs knowledgeThat existence is such pain Palindrome:Also Known as Mirrored Poetry, starts with an initial poem and then hinges on a … Continue reading Palindrome: Order & Pain

Rich Heads & Break Down

Break Down Placid is noneall disturbeddistorteddestroyed Waves continue to ripplesHard breeze divides, brushing soft All is movement, nothing stops Rich heads She walks inside meIn a cool driftA heavenly scent of rosesAn angelic faceWith such a wicked smile The beauty in her silenceWith those well spoken lipsTo step a wordAnd toe no wrong but truth … Continue reading Rich Heads & Break Down


ResistA wordRests on a placardBold as the raised boardA message impressedThe thought imbues substanceA substance wrought with passionPassion which breeds in letter and number...powerful if directed ...but ignored ...bybustling streets clogged withpersonal problems andperceptions who resistthe resistanceIt remainsa boardOf colourand card ...when we failTo take noticeOf the signsPretend they don't existWe pay......with existence Weekly Theme: … Continue reading Resist