Free Verse

Not all poetry has to rhyme

This you will see in time

There’s something called free verse

A poetry form less terse


No rhyme, pattern or meter

Just the natural flow of the reader

I’ll give you a sample

Take this little ditty as an example



It isn’t is it?



I mean I wrote this for you

To show you what not to do



6 thoughts on “Free Verse

    1. Thank you. I’ve been favoring rhyme recently, not entirely sure why, just writing as it comes.
      Free verse is liberating, but an endless array of options to convey a message or thought can also seem daunting.

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      1. I totally agree with you. But I feel that closed poems are locking me in a box, and that is very uncomfortable. I want to be free and write freely. My thoughts, especially when the inspiration is good, tend to just flood out onto the pages. I love that. And I can’t risk giving up free inspiration to have the poem be a specific way. Also, with free verse, you have the ability to lead the poem to an end or whereever you want.

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