Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

The apple fellNot far from the treeBut rolled and rolledand was lost to the wildThe farmer won't find me, and the neighbourhood children won't either,thought the poor little apple.The apple sat and witheredHidden under a dense bushSad and aloneSlowly he shrank in the coldBuried by the winter snowUntil he finally disappearsAs the spring sun shinesAnd … Continue reading Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

I’ll Always Wonder

The tall oneKeeper of the keysMister foodThe chimpanzeeThe groomerThe night sleeperHuman, master, warden I can continue to guessBut I'll never knowAnd I'll always wonderwhat is my pets nameFor me? I spoke with a fellow blogger recently about editing. I myself, edit like crazy.He said he occasional writes directly to his blog with little to no … Continue reading I’ll Always Wonder

Haiku: Those Poor Ducks

Archive Week This week I will posting unreleased material from last year and also reposting some reworked versions of my earliest wordpress posts which didn't receive much of an audience. Enjoy. I sleep on feathersSo soft, so warm, and I thinkThose poor naked ducks