Hate & Forgiveness

passionsdark sidein us all hatelike lovelives and breathes saddenedthat hateinspires so many I'm old Imust hateall new things Write a Hay(na)ku about hate.Hay(na)ku is a 3-line poem with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third. There are no restrictions beyond this. If you are to forgive … Continue reading Hate & Forgiveness

Birth & Revenge

young fetus ensconcedknows no timea new mother waits panicked and screamingfrom the firstshape of things to come Write a Lune about birth.The lune, also known as the American Haiku, was first created by the poet Robert Kelly.It is a 13-syllable, self-contained poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 3 syllables in the second … Continue reading Birth & Revenge

Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple

The apple fellNot far from the treeBut rolled and rolledand was lost to the wildThe farmer won't find me, and the neighbourhood children won't either,thought the poor little apple.The apple sat and witheredHidden under a dense bushSad and aloneSlowly he shrank in the coldBuried by the winter snowUntil he finally disappearsAs the spring sun shinesAnd … Continue reading Children’s Story: The Lonely Apple