The Whisperer

  "I don't know how you can watch reality TV." Said Charlie, sitting down on the couch. "It's the Spanish version of that dog whisperer show. It's hilarious." Responded Max, without taking his eyes from the screen. "How?" "Well, The Whisperer, which is funny already cos I don't think he has ever whispered in his … Continue reading The Whisperer

Free Verse

Not all poetry has to rhyme This you will see in time There's something called free verse A poetry form less terse   No rhyme, pattern or meter Just the natural flow of the reader I'll give you a sample Take this little ditty as an example Wait Great It isn't is it? Shit   … Continue reading Free Verse


  The futile age old dream Life clambers for the sun A constant moving stream The rabid and foaming run Expel the curdled cream For work has just begun   A welcome sight to feast Pockets full of tendons Crammed down throats deceased The retching sound heard reckons Feed the newborn beasts Unknowing the time … Continue reading Feed