Soledad: A Day at the Beach

She sells seashells by the sea shoreI query and question the cause“why buy, the beach is shell galore?” Clear coast across clean ocean sheen.The summer swimming swarm missingserves a scenic scene seldom seen The soledad is a Spanish poetic form. It has the following guidelines:Three-line poem (or stanzas).Eight-syllable lines.Rhyme scheme: aba.Internal consonance and assonance. Weekly … Continue reading Soledad: A Day at the Beach

Back to Nature

deep breathsthe tide fillsshallow waters I'm el naturalepoison ivy on my junkswelling worth the pain stems bowdownpour in springstrength returns the path less traveledlooks exactly like the restclearly I am lost petals ponderthe sun winksdarkness follows Weekly Theme:Original Twisting Tail Format Monday: Flash FictionTuesday: TankaWednesday: Free Verse PoetryThursday: Rhymed poetryFriday: LimerickSaturday: haiku/senryüSunday: Children's Rhyme

Feel the Heat

The sounds of angelscaress my earI am transported...My other senses followrising to the heavens An uncouth beer swellersnaps my reverie. "Dude, you're burning the steaks!" errant splashfish skip watergulls slow Sauna Burning heatsSearing seats Willing participantsAll without pants Naked and boilingWith some harmless oiling A pleasurable escapeComparable to a hellscape Survival a tall orderFollowed by … Continue reading Feel the Heat