A Cabin in the Woods

"Cozy cottagein the woodsSo beautifuland picturesque."Murder Victim One – The start of allgreat horror movies Well water is swellso cool and pristineUntil you find Uncle Billuses it as a latrine senryü:breathe I breathe the air inThe air is a part of meI breathe the air out Woodpecker, How long did it take? To figure outRepeatedly … Continue reading A Cabin in the Woods

What is a Mökki?

What is a Mökki? A mökki is a cottage, usually found in the woods or next to a lake.In Finland, there are approximately 1.8 million mökkis – quite a few if you think there are only 5.5 million inhabitants. Tetris as¶children©becomes¦©packing[]the car{}as adults! TravelSicknessShould endIn transit (((local weather, foods, accommodation, and company dependent))) The price … Continue reading What is a Mökki?

Time Wasted

All That time Wasted I wish There was Another way If only You had Grown I hate That I Have to Say it But this Is how It is I'm sorry The answer Is no Waiting in line for an hour, only to be told you don't meet the roller-coaster height requirement.