Treochair: Summer, Bees & Pleas


Pray and plea
Prophets please, perhaps plays part
And priests prayers profit me

Cheeky Bee

I would be
The happiest honey bee
If you were a bee with me

Take my shot
Sweeten the fine fingered spot
Slip inside your honey pot

Impending Death of Summer

All is fun
Sights and sun on and on, then
It’s deader than deadly done

Treochair: An Irish form, mentioned in Robin Skelton’s ‘The Shapes of Singing’.

The basic rules are:
Variable number of tercets (three-line stanzas)
Three syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and seven in the third
The first line rhymes with the third
Heavy alliteration is expected.

Fun Fact:

Male honey bees are only able to mate seven to 10 times during a mating flight, and after mating, a drone dies quickly, as his abdomen rips open when his endophallus is removed. Even drones that survive the mating flight are ejected from their nests, as they have served their sole purpose by mating.

Weekly Theme:
Random Poetry Forms

27 thoughts on “Treochair: Summer, Bees & Pleas

  1. The Treochair is a new to me form… I may have to give it a try as my mother is a sucker for alliteration! As for the male bee, she isn’t called the Queen Bee for nothing!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I was trying to imagine myself with those nails 🤣 Cooking, cleaning, dealing with the kids. You are truly a wonder if you can manage anything with them on. Kudos.

        Tony Todd is coming back but I don’t know in what capacity.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I cook, clean, even moved without the help of movers and didn’t break a single nail.

        Tricky things include taking my credit card out of the reader at the fuel pump, pulling up my pants when they’re first done because they’re super sharp and they poke little holes when I’m not careful, and opening cans with a pull tab, lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is impressive. I wear gloves at work and I go insane 😂
        Not that you could wear gloves, right?
        Have you thought of Swiss army nails? One could have tweezers for the card, one could have a hook for your pants, and another, a serrated edge to open cans 🤔


      4. Nice. The classic superhero vibe!

        August star sign is Leo and flower is the Poppy. Maybe something there 🤔
        Better than depictions of the Roman emperor Augustus at work at least.


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