Torture & Eve

Torture Knowledge once spokenis scaped in aweThe world was fed a tokenthen left ignored Eve Once upon an eve weatheredI stay awake the nightTo see the stars have their warsOnly to be defeated Their nemesisShone brighter that mornBrighter than it ever had With a vast cackle across the night skyThe sun opened it's wide wingsTo … Continue reading Torture & Eve

Beautiful Vision

Not deep the poet sees, but wide.– Matthew Arnold Write Vision Scope, is what I gift to youBut it comes at a costA parade in endless visionsOf friends and family lost A questionable demeanorProblems with drugs and drinkA reclusive personaDoubts for every thought you think Every man's downfallYou are privileged to see it allI give … Continue reading Beautiful Vision

Address the Look

We construemeaning froma graceful pauseStyle as an art formprowling the catwalkwith erratic meanderingpoise, presence, purposework manufacturing an edgeGoading for a reaction of shockA response to stave off obscuritya hideousdressstealsfocusas muchas abeautiful one Yet Both will remainOne in the mindAndOne in the heart I used a random word generator for all posts this week. See below.The … Continue reading Address the Look